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This web site is being created by his family as a place were memories of Krzysztof can be gathered. We will ask those who loved him to contribute words and pictures or use the "Contact us" link on the left if you would like to contribute or comment. This is a painful process so progress will be slow. Please come back every now and then to see what is here.

Krzysztof was finally laid to rest on Saturday 19th April. He is buried in his home town in Poland, next to his beloved Babcia. Pictures from the funeral are in the photo gallery. This ends, in part, the unnecessary cruelty his family have been made to suffer since his accident.

Po co tyle świec nade mną, tyle twarzy?
Ciału memu nic już złego się nie zdarzy.

Wszyscy stoją, a ja jeden tylko leżę -
Żal nieszczery, a umierać trzeba szczerze.

Leżę właśnie, zapatrzony w wieńcow liście,
Uroczyście - wiekuiście - osobiście.

Śmierć, co ścichła, znów zaczyna w głowie szumieć,
Lecz rozumiem, że nie trzeba nic rozumieć...

Tak mi ciężko zaznajamiać się z mogiłą,
Tak się nie chce być czymś innym, niż się było!


-          Bolesław Leśmian


Why so many candles over me and so many faces?
Though harm can no longer come to my body.

Everyone is standing but me -
Grief is insincere, but dying needs to be sincere.

So I lie here, looking up at the leaves of the wreath,
Solemnly – eternally – personally.

Death that was silenced, begins to hum in my head again.
But I understand that there is nothing to understand...

I find it hard to get used to this tomb.
I do not want to be something other than what I was.

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